Every angle

a new opportunity .

New ideas keep the world moving forward.

We help our clients refine concepts to achieve unrivalled success in a global marketplace.

We are engineers that live in the real world and understand the issues your business is facing. Exploring old and new problems from every angle, we work with clients to turn their goals into hard-working solutions.

Our thinking is both grounded and ground-breaking.

Ask better questions, find better answers.

How we work

‘Whole business’ approach

The first thing we engineer is our understanding of you. We find out what makes your business tick, what you want to achieve and how we can help. When we understand your needs, we can hone in on technical solutions that will add the greatest value.

This approach underpins all stages of the project life-cycle; from initial feasibility through to final compliance testing, patenting and IP. It’s a journey and we view our clients as partners. We want them to succeed and they trust us to find the best way to get there.

Knowing what your user wants

Successful products and systems are the ones in action. People reach for things that are usable, and that’s what we help you create.

This requires a deep understanding of your target market. You may have an idea, but do you know what the user wants, what your competitors are doing or where the market is going?

We can help. Experienced in market research, needs analysis, gap analysis and technical design review, we have the intellectual horsepower to help you find opportunities and come up with astonishing solutions.

The power of evidence

Simulations and analysis are useful tools, but nothing speaks the truth like physical test results. We use evidence-based design to test and refine products, reduce waste and create savings for our clients. Our world-class testing facilities put products and systems through their paces, extracting real data to find value that might otherwise be missed.

‘Without data you’re just
another person with an opinion’
– W. Edwards Deming

Approval agencies trust real data over theoretical models and predictions. We use data to go beyond opinion and provide proof of performance, making it easier for clients to achieve compliance and gain market acceptance.

Where the magic happens

Our Creative Hub is in Christchurch, New Zealand. Here, we ask the big questions and work together to find amazing answers. Fun and vibrant, it’s a place where experts from all over the world bring passion and insight to every project. No idea goes unheard.

Right next door sits our large-scale workshop and testing laboratory. This is where we build prototypes, finesse designs and test performance. From shake tables to drop-rigs, we are equipped to investigate what other companies can’t.

Our facilities meet strict international
standards, allowing us to test on
behalf of some of the world’s
largest companies.

Just down the road, our impact test facility runs year-round. For those who love to crash stuff, this is the place to be. Our ‘playground’ includes a main crash test area, over 3km of sealed roadway and a full range of test pads. Of course, it’s more than fun and games, it’s an internationally accredited facility compliant with ISO 17025 and numerous global regulations.

We don’t limit ourselves to certain industries. We work on any project that excites us; where we can add real value.
Bring us your questions, and we will work with you to find great answers.

Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it.

Andrew Diehl – Technical Director