Helping businesses

build smarter .

Construction is an evolving field. We keep our clients and the industry moving forward by developing and testing groundbreaking solutions.

Anyone close to the construction industry is keenly aware of the pressure it’s under. With low growth, high costs, changing methodology and the need to satisfy increasingly strict regulations, the mantra truly is “adapt or die”.

We help you adapt, and flourish. Whether we turn ‘great’ into amazing or create something completely new, we make it happen.

From invention to optimisation,
we get it done.

Using evidence-based design, we get real results trusted by businesses and authorities worldwide. This approach sees us serve the industry’s most progressive players and bring fresh thinking to those wanting to adapt.

Our testing facilities and accreditation are second to none.

If it can be built, we can prototype, engineer, refine and make it market ready.

Our ‘whole-business approach’ means we get to know you and your business. This, together with our cross-sector capabilities, means we craft holistic, tailor-made solutions to meet your strategic objectives.

From reducing costs to creating new markets, we help your business succeed.

Smarter business outcomes:

  • Optimise cost: Reduce cost without compromising results – or safety.
  • Competitive edge: Develop new IP and safeguard innovation so your unique advantage remains yours, and yours alone.
  • Re-engineer systems: Re-engineer underperforming structures, products or systems for market success.
  • Reduce risk: Prove compliance with codes and standards so you can enter the market quickly, and with confidence.
  • Satisfy regulators: Internationally accredited test facility means results are trusted worldwide by the likes of ICC, BRE, NATA and IANZ.
  • Set new standards: Create pathways to market for ground-breaking innovation.

We are collaborative, passionate and
open-minded. Our clients are too.

Tim Porter – Exec VP – Major Projects