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Innovating in the construction industry can be tough, especially when pioneering in mass timber. From start to finish, our team helps navigate the path – making life easier for you.

We tackle any problem head-on. With extensive experience in materials testing, product development, construction efficiency, IP creation and compliance, we use the perfect mix to give you the best results.

In our purpose-built mass timber facilities we use evidence-based design to rapidly advance technical solutions. Solutions that reduce cost and labour, improve safety, and gain compliance. We move faster than codes can keep up, giving you a competitive advantage.

To ensure your product or system meets the needs of all, it’s important to engage all stakeholders including end-users, contractors, manufacturers, consultants and developers. We have strong relationships with key players in all these areas, and we work together to make the process smooth.

Thought leadership

As mass timber experts we are invited to speak at international conferences and contribute to industry publications and journals. Check out this presentation from Jon and Harriet at the 2022 International Mass Timber Conference:

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We are constantly exploring the behaviour of timber which helps us develop new technology and innovative products.

Jon Roebuck – Senior Mass Timber Engineer