Can we test it?

Yes, we can. .

Need to test products or materials?
Whether it’s standard testing or ‘outside the box’,
our test gurus can help.

We understand testing and we know the value of real-life test data.

Our testing team have been in the game for years. We have a wealth of experience and some amazing projects under our belts. So whether it’s gaining accreditation or finding out how a product performs, we work with you to make it happen.

                Have you developed a new product that needs accreditation?

                Or maybe you want to test how your designs work under real loading?

                Or do you want to branch into new markets, and need testing to get there?

Whatever your testing needs, we can help.

Our ISO 17025 and IANZ accredited test lab is kitted out with equipment such as:

  • Four Universal Test Machines ranging from 2kN to 600 kN (Class 1)
  • Two Horizontal Test Machines (HTM1 and HTM2) for stretching and squashing – up to 4 MN
  • Compression Test Machine (CTM)
  • Fatigue test machine
  • Cyclic testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Charpy test machine
  • Drop rigs/towers
  • Height safety equipment testing
  • Shake tables (see below)
  • Furnace (see below)

We also offer independent quality assessments, from routine testing to bespoke one-off testing. Steel, plastics, concrete, composites or timber – we can test it all!

Shake tables

We are a one-stop-shop for full seismic testing and certification of structural and non-structural elements. We work with businesses developing new products, as well as international companies needing multiple tests for large projects.

We have a fully automated horizontal shake table and a vertical shake table.

Both tables can handle samples <5m long and <3,000kg in mass.

Some projects we have worked on include:

             Smooth Air PanelDuct Seismic Testing

              Canterbury Museum Artefact Protection

              Grayson Engineering BRBs

              Petronic Industries Fire Alarm Testing

Our capabilities don’t stop there. Bring us your seismic testing questions and we’ll find the answers.


We do fire testing, in our onsite gas-powered furnace.

Some hot points:

  • We are accredited to AS1530.4:2015.
  • Vertical and horizontal testing.
  • Opening size: 900 x 2000 mm (penetration testing sample usually within 900 x 1600 mm).
  • We optimise testing based on penetrations needed.
  • We can measure temperature, pressure, radiant heat flux and provide thermal imaging.
  • Full compliance with AS1530.4:2014 (NZBC only requires 2005).
  • Our furnace operates to ISO standard curve, and can operate NFPA and ASTM standards.

The custom-designed space also has room to store materials and has tools to build specimens. It’s a great space to work in and our clients learn a lot about the products.

As Fire Engineers, we care about our clients. With quick turnarounds, and the option to do multiple tests in a day, they can adapt to your needs.


I have the best job!
I break things to make them better.

Ken Uprichard – Testing Guru – New Zealand