We reimagine

what is possible .

Together with willing and adventurous clients, we bring incredible experiences to life.

From mountainsides to shopping malls, we imagine, design and engineer rides that are safe, fun and profitable.

Adventure Recreation is a fast-growing industry with limitless possibilities. From bungee jumps and catapult rides to zipline systems and indoor experiences, we work with clients to bring out-of-the-box ideas into reality.

It all starts with an inventive mindset, reimagining what is possible.

Our down-to-earth team work with clients through the whole process; from design and development, to safety, testing and commissioning. From first rough sketch, to creating operation manuals, we’ve got everything covered.

Our range of technical experience also helps us develop new IP to give our clients an edge.

The Adventure Recreation industry is growing fast.

That means two things: safety is paramount, and profitability is essential.

Success begins and ends with safety. At Holmes Solutions, nothing gets out the gate unless it meets strict international standards to keep your customers safe.

Profitability is another essential driver. We create high quality, high throughput and highly attractive experiences that deliver return on investment.

How we do it

  • Concept and product design: We work with clients to bring ideas to life. We also design new products from scratch.
  • Analysis and simulation: We simulate every attraction, analysing everything from rider experience to structural integrity.
  • Testing and compliance: We are internationally ISO17025 accredited with a 45,000ft³ testing facility.
  • Intellectual property and licensing: We have facilitated over 100 registered patents for unique solutions and protections.
  • Master planning: We provide strategic direction in planning your project.

Nothing excites us more than helping our clients attract, amaze and inspire.
It’s a true adrenaline rush!

Dan Brennan – Business Development Manager, USA