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Every year, SAM (Ski Area Management) hold a Summer Ops Camp to give people in the adventure recreation industry a chance to share knowledge, make connections and gain insight into new innovations.

This year the Camp was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee from 3 – 5 September.

On the final day of Camp, the 150 attendees visited Lumberjack Feud, a real-deal adventure park in Pigeon Forge where they rode The Flying Ox; the brand spanking new SWITCHBACK™ ride we developed in partnership with CLIMB Works. For some Campers, this was the high-point of an “already elevated” three-day event.

In an article summing up the Camp, SAM wrote:

“The Feud is also home to the newest attraction in the aerial adventure world: the first cable-to-rail zip line coaster (for lack of a better term) that combines a curved track and straight zip lines, forging a new and potentially game-changing format for zip tours”.

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To be part of such an awesome industry event and for people to give such rave reviews on our innovation, was an unbelievable honour. The Holmes Solutions staff at Lumberjack Feud were blown away by the positivity and excitement surrounding the SWITCHBACK™ and some of them were smiling for days afterwards.

Our team are testament to the fact that if you have great ideas and you work hard to deliver on your promises, you can create something remarkable.

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