Modular and prefab

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Helping companies build smarter and unlock savings.

The construction industry is suffering from old fashioned thinking, flat productivity, high costs and poor quality. Companies taking an off-site approach to construction are unlocking new opportunities, and we are helping them do it. Manufactured building systems rely on repeatability of components and connections to enable efficient, reliable and cost-effective delivery. A testing-led development process can unlock even further value.

We work with you to unlock the following benefits:

Cost savings through materials optimisation

Every overdesigned unit you produce is lost profit. We use physical testing to determine actual strengths to use in design. Gains of 20% are just the starting point.

Clever connections save time, labour and money

Whether it is connecting components, attaching lifting equipment or anchoring to foundations, smart connections can cut construction time, reduce labour cost, and provide material savings.

Intellectual property to safeguard innovation

Smart decisions on IP can provide protection and allow you to break free from competitors. Rest easy knowing you are protected from imitation.

Satisfy regulators and have certainty of compliance

Regulators love the comfort of test results. Our internationally accredited testing facility means that our results are trusted worldwide by the likes of ICC Evaluation Services, UL and Lloyds Register.

Our experience

Full-scale testing of complete structures and modules.

Developing bracing capacity for panelised wall systems.

Testing low-damage seismic devices for steel-framed buildings.

Our track record also includes:

  • Materials testing to develop characteristic values for proprietary systems.
  • Creation of smart lifting componentry to aid rapid and safe construction.
  • System optimisation to enable efficient manufacture, transport and assembly.

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