Humes box culvert

Case study .

Humes Pipeline Systems needed to make their pre-cast concrete product range more cost-effective.

Humes Pipeline Systems was fighting a tough battle; with the price of reinforcing steel skyrocketing and increasing competition in the marketplace. They asked us to provide the solution they needed. We reviewed their pre-cast, pre-stress and pipe products to identify areas for reducing cost of manufacture and increasing product performance. After finding the opportunity with the most economic benefit for Humes, we led a project to redesign their box culvert range.

“The completion of this project has seen my company gain a significant cost advantage over our competitors in the New Zealand market, and a substantial increase in market share. I can confidently recommend Holmes Solutions as a solid and reliable testing provider and clear experts in their field.”
– Dave Edkins, Technical Manager at Humes Pipeline Systems.

Through innovative engineering, smart design and experimental testing, we developed an alternative design methodology that reduced the steel reinforcing content by over 50%. The system still met New Zealand Building Code requirements, even though the design stepped well beyond the restrictive requirements of national standards and verification methods. This provided Humes Pipeline Systems a market advantage, locking in savings that their competitors simply could not achieve. The end result gained them confidence in the industry, increased their customer base and generated increased value for their shareholders – a true win, win, win.

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