Work-life balance.

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Life is about balance.

At Holmes Solutions, we have found the sweet spot: we work hard, but we make time for the important things in life.

Work-life balance looks different for everyone. We encourage our team to find what works for them. Whether it’s working school hours, taking long lunch breaks for exercise or working short weeks, we know our staff make decisions that work best for them. Staff are measured by their amazing results, rather than the hours they work.

This ties in with our belief in body, mind and life Wellness. Wellness is not just a buzz word. It is about finding things that make you happy. It’s about knowing yourself and your limits, and knowing it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. It is also being present and mindful of the people around you.

Simply put, we care about each other. We ask our teammates if they are okay and we offer help wherever possible. We have people’s backs, and we know they’ve got ours.

Holmes Solutions is part of the Holmes Group. This flexible working culture is seen throughout the group and its subsidiaries. Check out this video for an insight into what this means for us:

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