VicRoads safety barrier

Case study .

Understanding behaviour and performance of a roadside safety barrier system.

In 2013, VicRoads asked us to validate the performance and behaviour of a public domain roadside safety barrier system used on the state roading network. They needed the information so they could make improvements. VicRoads saw us as an ideal partner because of our accreditation, knowledge and fast response times.

There was a small window to get the job done; from planning and testing, to analysing the results and preparing the final report. Our collaborative approach, clear communication and professionalism meant VicRoads achieved the highest quality output within their time frame. Based on the results, VicRoads understood and validated performance of this safety barrier system, and met all project objectives.

Our impact test facility is the only facility operating in the Southern Hemisphere approved by the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. It is also the only facility in Australia/New Zealand ISO accredited to test road safety hardware to both of the American Standards currently endorsed by the Australian Government (‘National Cooperative Highway Research Program’ (NCHRP 350) and ‘Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware’ (MASH 09)). Our facility is recognised by the Australian government under the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) – Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).

Our ongoing involvement with the roadside safety hardware industry in the USA means our clients are confident that we are technically proficient, and knowledgeable in all aspects of locally endorsed Standards. Being a fully independent, private organisation allows Holmes Solutions to be nimble, adapting our approach to suit each client.

“…Based on the insights and information gathered by Holmes Solutions, VicRoads have validated the performance characteristics of this roadside hardware system and are confident in its ability to capture and redirect vehicles accordingly. VicRoads would be more than happy to recommend Holmes Solutions as a roadside hardware testing agency.”
Daniel Cassar, Manager – Road Standards and Traffic, VicRoads Technical Services.

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