Pertronic’s fire alarm panels

Case study .

Testing fire alarm panels on our shake table.

In New Zealand, earthquakes are always a threat. Pertronic Industries – a leading manufacturer of fire safety systems – saw growing concern about seismic performance of building components, and decided to lead the way in proving products are reliable.

They needed to understand severe seismic conditions, then validate their fire alarm panel’s performance. They asked Holmes Solutions for help, because we are known for seismic standards knowledge and for delivering work on time.

We worked together to design a test programme that incorporated international best practice (AC-156) and was compliant with New Zealand standards. The programme subjected the F100A and F120A fire alarm panels to shake-table testing equivalent to a 1 in 2500 year earthquake.

Pertronic Industries were present for testing and saw first-hand the destructive energy released during a 1 in 2500 year earthquake. Following testing, the fire alarm panels were put through operational tests, confirming that full functionality was maintained. This evidence is of immense value to Pertronic Industries as they have demonstrated compliance with the seismic performance (operational continuity) requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and contractors can now specify their system with confidence.

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