Braking mechanism for NASA

Case study .

You never know who is going to call for help.

In this case, it was NASA. They needed our urgent help to develop an auxiliary braking mechanism for use in testing their Mighty Eagle Lunar Lander module.

Just another day at Holmes Solutions!

Before NASA started testing the new unmanned lunar lander module, they had to make sure their bases were covered. During review, they saw that failure of the guidance system could result in a very expensive accident with their one-off prototype. To prevent disaster, they asked us to create a secondary braking mechanism based around our patented eddy current braking technology. NASA were already fans of this braking technology (awarding us their Brass Ring of Innovation the previous year).

We developed a one-off braking system so they could complete their testing with confidence. As luck would have it, the guidance system on the Lunar Lander worked as intended and our auxiliary brake was not needed!

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