MASH TL5 Crash Test

Video journey .

Full-scale crash test of a new steel barrier design.

Check out this video where we test a new steel barrier design to Test Level 5 (the highest test energy available in today’s Road Safety Performance Standards). We set up an impact test with a 36-tonne tractor-trailer travelling at 50 mph (80 kph)!

The TL5 journey:

When ArcelorMittal Global R&D, CRM Group and Gregory Industries needed a MASH Test Level 5 test for their new Guardian 5 (G5) longitudinal barrier (the world’s first MASH TL5, high-containment steel safety barrier), they knew who to call. As one of only a handful of crash facilities in the world who do TL5, Holmes Solutions were the obvious choice.

We’re well-respected in the global roadside safety industry and we can manage the whole process; from compliance testing at our Federal Highways approved facility, to completing all documentation, and supporting the FHWA submission process.

Our clients love the privacy of our location. For this test, our team installed the barrier at our full-scale crash facility in Christchurch, New Zealand, away from prying eyes of competitors.

Our crash gurus then set up the 36t truck/trailer unit for the test. They loaded the truck with 22 tonnes of concrete and set up the GPS self-steer system so the truck could be controlled remotely.

The test went without a hitch and the barrier performed perfectly. The client was thrilled and we were honoured to play a part in their success.



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