Lockwood Homes structural system

Case study .

Codemark approval for Lockwood Homes’ complete housing solution – a first of its kind.

Lockwood Homes knocked on our door and asked for help improving their building system. We combined our innovative engineering with strategic testing to improve their structural system and demonstrate compliance with the New Zealand Building Code.

As market leaders, we understand compliance framework. We know that loading code AS/NZS 1170 allows “special studies” to be completed when conventional design solutions are not appropriate. Put simply, if you know exactly how you will build something you can test it and prove that the system works. The results from testing can then be used to verify compliance. This opportunity and our proven track record with Evidence-based Design provided the ideal pathway for Lockwood Homes to drastically improve their product.

We worked with Lockwood Homes to understand their goals and objectives before developing updated bracing capacities for the Lockwood Homes Wall System. We re-engineered the system by combining test results with our understanding of structural behaviour and deep knowledge of the regulatory process. The final solution gained CodeMark approval and allowed Lockwood Homes to stay ahead of the competition, increase profits and gain market share.

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