Humpty’s Fallbreaker

Case study .

Sometimes you need to rewrite the rule book.

Construction is a dangerous business and worker safety is paramount. However, as legislation to improve safety is changing, the regulation of safety products has been struggling to keep up. The makers of Humpty’s Fallbreaker knew they had a market-leading product but were frustrated by dated test standards. They knew their clever new approach would be welcomed by the market, they just needed to prove it was safe. Their research showed that their system would be cheaper, faster and easier to install. They also knew it had added safety benefits above those required by the relevant standard (AS/NZS 4389).

But, they had a problem; their innovative solution didn’t quite fit the standard. It wasn’t a mesh, and it wasn’t a net.

Their smart approach took the best of both of these conventional systems and gave a better solution, but they had to prove it was safe (capable of catching even the burliest of builders). We worked with them to understand their product and devised a test programme that would prove system performance. Their product proved itself well beyond the expectation of the dated standards.

Our testing was scrutinised by industry regulator Worksafe who stated it was ‘tested and certified to meet current industry needs, and aligned with WorkSafe New Zealand’s ‘Fall for Heights campaign’. They also went on to say “we have reviewed the documentation supplied by Holmes Solutions and can find no fault or discrepancies that we (WorkSafe) should be concerned about. The testing is thorough, well documented and above all else a positive outcome for the material tested”. A great result for a fantastic product!

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