Busck railway sleepers

Case study .

Railway sleepers have a tough life.

Trains are heavy – if you manufacture railway sleepers you need to know they work. Busck needed a reliable partner to test their products. We used ongoing batch and type testing to prove their sleepers are high-quality, reliable, and meet the requirements of the AS 1085.14:2003 standard. We proved their sleepers are up to the challenge of life on the rails.

To determine the performance of Busck’s sleepers, we did a range of tests including vertical load, cyclic fatigue, developmental length, ultimate load, fastener pull out and torque tests. Astoundingly, the Busck sleeper withstood over 3 million fatigue cycles and held a static load of 246kN for over three minutes; exceeding the required performance and extending the sleeper’s expected lifetime. This knowledge is invaluable when Busck are selling their product to customers.

Nothing speaks louder than great test results.

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