SWITCHBACK® is an innovative ride system that seamlessly integrates cable and rail. Riders can now transfer between cable and rail at speed. It’s the perfect union of a zipline and a roller coaster.

Cable is affordable and efficient. Rail is creative and interactive.

With the combined powers of cable and rail, our SWITCHBACK® can travel long distances, turn corners, drop into helixes, take varying pathways, proximity fly through the trees or along a cliffside all in one ride. The creative possibilities are endless.

Gravity features

Cable to Rail transition
The core of the SWITCHBACK® DNA is the seamless integration between cable and rail at speed.


The SWITCHBACK® trolley’s gating and braking, makes the seamless transition between cable and rail possible.


Pass-through braking
Pass-through braking is key to operating safely.


SWITCHBACK® rides can be inside or outside or both. They can be big or small, thrilling or scenic, long or short, or have all the above in one ride.

From ski resorts to family entertainment centers, cruise ships and amusement parks, SWITCHBACK® applications are limited only by your imagination.

SWITCHBACK® rides can be mostly cable, mostly rail or any combination of the two.


The Flying Ox at the Lumberjack Feud Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was the first SWITCHBACK® installation. This ride is 90% rail and 10% cable and integrates with the Lumberjack Feud’s adventure course. Riders say they feel like they are flying as they transition from rail to cable during the ride.


Watch the SWITCHBACK® creation story and peek behind the scenes of our creative hub in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Switchback® is a registered trade mark of Holmes Solutions LP.