Understanding Marine Snapback

Video case study .

We created a custom test set-up to better
understand snapback events.

BHP – a global mining company and port owner – asked us to develop a test set-up so they could see what happens during a snapback event and evaluate snapback mitigation devices. The test data gave real insight into snapback behaviour and helped in the development of a safer snapback protection fence.

The marine industry is always looking for ways to improve safety on ports and ships. Check out this video to see how we worked with BHP, Geobrugg and Wilhelmsen to test and develop snapback protection fences.

Full scale, real world testing is essential when designing in high-risk industries where safety is crucial. From adventure rides to roadside barriers and rockfall protection, the detailed data gained from this type of testing is key to the success of life-safety products.

The benefits of custom, full-scale tests are:

  • You choose test parameters to suit your exact specifications.
  • We collect data using high-speed cameras, strain gauges and load cells.
  • The test results and data help with design and development decisions for products and safety plans.
  • Tests are repeatable so you can compare data from test to test.
  • Designs are physically proven in a worst-case scenario.

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